The Splat & Chat Story ... so far

Hi! I’m Chloe and Splat & Chat is my baby! I started Splat & Chat while I was living abroad and teaching art at a private primary school in Muscat, Oman! The school day was so busy and there was often very little time to sit and relax with my colleagues in the staff room. We were always rushing around preparing for lessons, so getting any time to properly catch up and have a giggle was just impossible.

Life as an expat teacher can often be lonely, away from friends and family, so your colleagues become very important to you. Through talking to my teacher friends I got a sense that everyone was feeling a bit isolated, and some down time with fellow colleagues was much needed. Therefore, I wanted to start a club that would bring myself and my colleagues together in a fun and relaxing way.

In my evenings and at weekends, I enjoyed nothing more than a glass of fizz while painting with my acrylic paints. ‘Surely’ I thought, ‘this is what my club should be all about! I’m an art teacher, if I can teach children to paint, I can surely teach adults!’ I put the idea out to my fellow teacher friends and they jumped at the chance. Splat & Chat was born!

We all met once a week and just sat and enjoyed painting a beautiful picture together while relaxing and catching up with each other’s news.  The benefits of Splat & Chat were incredible, the feelings of isolation and loneliness went, we all became much closer. Splat & Chat became a real highlight of everyone’s week- including mine!

When I made the hard decision to leave Oman in December 2019 and return home to the UK, the thing I was most sad about leaving was my Splat & Chat club behind. It had been such a life saver to me and my colleagues. They were the ones who really encouraged me to think about starting Splat & Chat, not just as a club for friends, but as a business idea. It was their support and encouragement that led me to where I am today.

In May 2020, I managed to get onto an emergency repatriation flight from Muscat to London during the COVID pandemic. In August 2020 I finally started Splat & Chat here in the UK! It has gone from strength-to-strength, and I am so pleased to invite you along with me on this incredible journey!