The Splat & Chat Painting Gallery

Here is a selection of some of my past Splat & Chat paintings that I have created with clients- either at a private party or at one of my Splat & Chat painting events.

At a Splat & Chat painting event the painting is usually a surprise! But if you really want to know what you’ll be painting beforehand you can contact me 24 hours before an event- but please keep it to yourself!

For private parties, I work with you to find a painting that is perfect for your party theme – or find a painting that you and your friends would like to create together!

Where do I get my inspiration from?

It is a mixture- I spend hours and hours looking for ideas online for inspiration. I then adapt and change the paintings to make them more original, simplified or more challenging- to make them Splat & Chat friendly. 

Or they come from my own imagination! I enjoy painting as a hobby and spend hours working on my own painting ideas too.